Too Many Uncertainties Hamper Recovery

A reflection by Mauro Volpi, CEO of Ebro Valvole and Tava in Folzano, two medium-sized Brescia-based companies belonging to a multinational group, manufacturer of industrial valves and a good user of aluminium

“Ours is a production which may not seem essential, but it serves water and gas distribution, chemical, zootechnical, pharmaceutical and food companies. It is clear that, in spite of the serious health problem posed by Covid-19, we cannot afford to hold back our production, among other things causing very serious consequences for several supply chains of companies that provide non-interruptible services. As an entrepreneur and like many other people in Brescia, we got down to work, just as we always did, because it is in our mentality to react positively to dark times, getting ready to start again in compliance with rules and regulations to safeguard the health of those who work, but I must say that the difficulties and bureaucratic traps have turned out to be almost insurmountable, today with the best will in the world we have managed to recover after a long lockdown only one third of production capacity, with the risk of losing our market altogether to countries which are not even too far away and which have been able not to stop the factories. It is a classic case of the so-called ‘asymmetric loss of competitiveness’. I am not a pessimist, far from it, but I am really worried about our ability to overcome this extraordinary emergency as a country, it is to be hoped that this pandemic will force us to change the way we live and work, to make us understand that with corruption and cunning, disregarding the rules, we cannot go very far and finally it is sad to discover that not even the health care system in Lombardy has been able to deal with the emergency, without adequate means and aid, which unfortunately were lacking in the moment of need. On the other hand, there has been no lack of sterile and annoying controversy and summary trials without scientific support and evidence”.