The Veneto Region opposes sanctions against Russia

The Council of Veneto Region in north-eastern Italy passed a new resolution, calling on the Italian authorities to lift sanctions imposed on Russia. The document was approved by 36 votes to eight. According to the resolution, It is necessary to stop authorizing the sanctions spiral that harms everyone, and the Regional Council expresses strong and firm disagreement with the continuation of anti-Russian sanctions, asking the parliament and the Italian government, as well as the European authorities, to review trade relations between the European Union and Russia with a view to lift the restrictions. The costs of the sanctions imposed to Russia by the EU and the USA actually hit hard the Italian economy and particularly that of the Veneto, Emilia and Lombardy regions, which represent two-thirds of Italy’s commercial balance. Veneto alone, in the first half of 2017, according to the Region’s statistics office, recorded revenues from exports by local companies adding up to over 30 billion euro.