Smart Buildings & Appliances at the 51st F.A.R.O. Meeting

The next appointment of the F.A.R.O. Club will be held in Fabriano on July 5th and 6th

by Valentina Biancardi

Smart Buildings & Appliances is the focus which will define the 51st F.A.R.O. Club Meeting scheduled on July 5th and 6th in Fabriano. The event will be held in the headquarters of Elica, the multinational company world’s leading manufacturer of cooker hoods for household use..
The Meeting will be subdivided into two days focusing on different topics. The first day will offer a unique mix with moments of Envisioning and cultural contamination through the testimony of visionary entrepreneurs and managers and discussion panels focused on Smart Building & Appliances. The aim is to probe the magnitude of the impact which IoT will have on electrical appliance manufacturers and the opportunities which will derive from this new, highly technological approach.
Italian manufacturing companies are more and more often forced to relate to a context teeming with important technological changes. In order to talk about this and many other topics the Discussion Panel was reinstated, during which the development and outlook of the industry will be analysed through the contribution of new important names and great comebaks, such as the Ducker Worldwide experts. During the debate great attention will also be paid to the impact of new lifestyles (connected life) and the possible effects on the metal segment, on components and on commodities being used.
Elica, a company which has always been committed to researching and optimising new technologies and design trends, will open the doors of its laboratories where new ideas are born and which look out on to the future from a research and development standpoint.

A review of the international situation and the Commodities Outlooks
The second day of the Meeting will start with the Economic Briefing. Almost three years from his last presence at the F.A.R.O. Club, Giorgio Arfaras, Director of the Economics Letter of the Einaudi research centre, will open the works by debating on the European an Italian scenario, as well as the international one by means of a precise picture of the economic situation in the USA, Asia and China.
As a close to the two days of works, it will be the turn of the best market analysts to deliver the Commodities Outlooks for Intermarket, Non-Ferrous and Steel providing a complete report on the current situation and on the outlook of the industrial commodity segment.
This will be followed by the horizontal session of discussion among the industry’s operators (Kerb Time), which will bring the focus of the works on the physical market of Aluminium, Copper, Steel and Scrap, Zinc, Lead, Tin and Nickel. The F.A.R.O. Club Partners, along with inspired entrepreneurs, visionary CEOs, supply chain managers, CPOs and buyers of companies operating in the building, electrical appliances and supplies markets, will take part in this horizontal event with the aim of getting in touch with important contents by means of a contamination process, shared even with the trade operators wishing to obtain a strategic view of the evolution of their own business.

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