Russia-Italy Aluminium Forum

Developing high-tech aluminium technical exchanges between Italy and Russia, transfer of knowledge and synergies through a Russia-Italy aluminium forum on 26th-27thMarch 2020 –MECSPE, Parma

by Mario Conserva

Russia is a traditional supplier of low carbon footprint aluminium to Europe, contributing to the EU’s climate goals and supporting the competitiveness of the European aluminium industry, including Italy, the second most important in the European Union.

Russia is on track to double domestic aluminium consumption by 2023. In this context, Italian companies are invited to participate in projects to modernize and create new plants in Russia in order to meet the growing demand for high-value-added aluminium products in the automotive industry, construction, power sector, consumer goods and other key industries. The forum is a dialogue platform for authorities, market players and experts to discuss ways to expand the use of aluminium as a material of the future, as well for identifying solutions to industry’s pressing issues and new ways of developing cooperation between the two countries.

Forum’s Goals
• high value-added production development
• presentation of the best world practices,
technologies, equipment
• promotion of the aluminium as a modern constructional material with unique application properties
• expansion of the use of aluminium in different areas
• contribution of Russian Aluminium suppliers to EU
use of climate goals

The Forum will take place concurrently with the Italian industrial exhibition MECSPE, which will take place in Parma on March 26-28, 2020.
Parma is not only the center of the historical region of Italy, rich in landmarks. Around the city there are modern enterprises producing aluminium products and production equipment.

Leading Russian and International industry experts, developers of technologies and equipment, representatives of aluminium industry and related sectors of the economy.

Representatives of Italian and EU authorities, members of the Russian Aluminium Association, Italian Foundry Association, Italian Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Association, as well as representatives of financial circles, scientific and educational centers.

Participation in the Forum will provide opportunity to
• establish and expand business relationships through
• learn about trade and investment opportunities
• learn about the latest technological developments
and trends in the aluminium industry
• learn about the innovations of the leading companies