India: industry, culture, strategy

13 June 2019 – Sala Beretta AIB, Associazione Industriale Bresciana

Via Cefalonia 60, Brescia

International Conference with the endorsement of several institutions and the Patronage of the Consulate General of India in Milan

The city and the economic context of Brescia have a great interest in interchange with India. With over 10bn Euro in trade between Italy and India, this exchange is one of the most important facets of the European economy.

Brescia is one of Europe’s most strategic industrial districts and this is enhanced by its proximity to the Milan area. Many qualified Brescian companies are already involved in effective interchange activities with India. Therefore, ArtValley, together with IIMH, is promoting the conference India: industry, culture, strategy in Brescia. This meeting will be attended by many of the major industrial players and institutions that are involved in the interchange project with India.

Thus, 2019 marks a challenge for Brescia, Italy’s primary industrial district. Brescia, which is located in the northern Italian province of Lombardy, will promote its growing collaboration with India, considering that Lombardy constitutes almost 40% of Italian exports to the Subcontinent. 

12th of June

Numerous Official Visits are booked for the Indo-Italian Delegation to the Brescia District


13th of June

11:30 Palazzo della Loggia, Comune di Brescia.

The Mayor of Brescia, Dr Emilio Del Bono will meet with the Indian Delegation, led by Binoy George, Consul General of India in Milan


AIB, Via Cefalonia 60, Brescia

Registration Conference India: industry, culture, strategy



Giuseppe Pasini President AIB

Emilio Del Bono Mayor of Brescia

HE Binoy George Consul General of India in Milan

HE Damiano Francovigh Consul General of Italy in Calcutta

15.15 Strategy of industrial, cultural and financial relations between India and Brescia

Eugenio Bodini past President AIB, President Sideridraulic

Francesco Esposito Ceo of Danieli India

Mario Bruni Head of Domestic Network SACE

Matteo De Maio General Manager BTL

15:45 Finance and infrastructure: models between India, Lombardy and Italy

Chairman: Francesca Bruni President ArtValley

Chandan Agrawal President e Chief Strategy Officer Hindalco, Sanjeev Kumar GM Mecon Ranchi, Renato Mazzoncini, past President UIC, Politecnico Milano University, Carmine Zappacosta Ceo Italcertifer, Federico Furlani Ceo SIMEM, Mario Bruni Head of Domestic Network SACE

16:45 Metal Hub

Chairman: Francesco Esposito CEO of Danieli India

Enrico Zampedri Ceo Metra, Pratapaditya Mishra Addl. Director General Aluminium Association of India, Mario Bodini Ceo Sideridraulic, Lorenzo Corfani Camozzi Spa

17:45 Start a business in India

Chairman: Fabio Guglieri Head of Lombardia Est SACE

Ajit Singh ceo AZCOM, Indranath Sengupta Director Asg Leather, Kompanero, Antonio Zocche Director Comm. Ekoplant, Maurizio Grisanti Dir. Forging and casting LucchiniSR, Mauro Golin, Spraytech, Micol Vezzoli Tem Italia, Giovanni Busi BTE, Massimo Bertolucci Matec.

18:45 Projects in Eastern India presented by HE Damiano Francovigh, Consul General of Italy in Calcutta.

Presentation of the Gopalpur Project (TSSEZ – Tata Steel Special Economic Zone)

and the Smart and industrial cities in Orissa and Eastern India

Arun Mishra VP Tata Steel (Video Conference), Pratapaditya Mishra Addl. Director General Aluminium Association of India, Alberto Cavicchiolo President Indo-Italian MilanHUB.

Endorsements and patronage

The patronage of numerous Indian and Italian institutions is planned for the event. Several events have been introduced in recent years by the ArtValley initiative, with IIMH and in cooperation with organizations including the Lombardy Region, the Italian Embassy in Delhi, the Indian Embassy in Rome, the Indian Consulate General in Milan and the Italian Consulate General of Calcutta and Mumbai in India. These initiatives have also included the presence of the main Indian and Italian industrial sector associations, such as AAI, Amafond, Metef, Assomet, Assofond and the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

Over the past five years, ArtValley together with IIMH have set up a program of initiatives that have involved the economics of India, in terms of equipment, machinery, transport, steel and aluminium metallurgy, leather, tannery, and agri-food sectors.

The states involved, in addition to New Delhi and Mumbai with Maharashtra, are Orissa, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Karnataka.

The mobile numbers of the Conference Organisers below:

+91 7044517961  INDIA

+39 3381856985 ITALY