Fluorsid and Aluminium Bahrain sign a long-term agreement for the supply of aluminium fluoride

Fluorsid Spa is an Italian chemical company established in 1969, with a production plant in Cagliari’s industrial estate, and today it is the main global producer of inorganic fluoride derivatives, particularly aluminium fluoride and synthetic cryolite, raw materials which are necessary for the production of primary aluminium.

Fluorsid established over the years several successful trade partnerships, focusing largely on the Persian Gulf region, where in the last decade the production of aluminium grew exponentially.
One of Fluorsid’s main business partners in this area is undoubtedly Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba) which, having started off with the commissioning of its sixth production line(Line 6 Expansion Project) in January 2019, will become the largest aluminium smelter in the world, with a total production capacity of 1.5 million tons per year as ingots, extrusion billets, rolling plates and alloy slabs. Fluorsid and Alba formalized a few months ago a long-term agreement for the supply of aluminium fluoride (AlF3), and in this context Fluorsid also decided to establish a logistic centre in Bahrain, by creating the Simplis Logistics company, so as to manage more efficiently all the supplies to Alba and the other clients of the region. According to Tim Murray and Lior Metzinger, Managing Directors of Alba and Fluorsid respectively, the agreement will represent an important milestone on the long road of trade cooperation between the two companies, which will benefit the quality of the product for end users.