Extrusion and Innovative Billet Heating Technologies

On April 4th, a day dedicated to the study of aluminium extrusion will take place in Capriolo (near Brescia), organized by A&L and GMS, where the innovative HEH (High Efficiency Heater) system for induction pre-hating of billets will be premiered

by Roberto Guccione

Aluminium extrusion is a flexible technology which is constantly evolving as regards materials, machinery and alloys. The quest for the most competitive process is accompanied by technological innovation and by the introduction of new plant solutions to obtain the best state-of-the-art semis. To summarise this development process, GMS (Engitec Group) and A&L magazine organize a study day on the extrusion of aluminium, focusing on new technologies for the magnetic heating of billets and above all on the HEH (High Efficiency Heater) pre-heating process with rotating permanent magnets, invented by INOVALAB, a spin-off of Padua’s University, developed on an industrial scale by GMS.
The study day will be held on April 4th, 2019, at the Villa Evelina congress centre in Capriolo (near Brescia) and is aimed at key players in the extrusion industry, from designers and plant manufacturers to extruders, end users and the University and research world.
The program envisages the presentation of an updated picture of extrusion at a regional and global level, the analysis of recent progress in extrusion techniques with a with a focus on magnetic billet pre-heating furnaces and on typical aspects of the extrusion process linked to the new technology. The most innovative extrusion alloys on the market will also be examined, ranging from traditional alloys to the main variations developed by producers right up to the new and most advanced compositions, highlighting the continuous progress from a metallurgical standpoint, to obtain qualitative and quantitative improvements in the productivity and optimization of the final properties of extrusions.
The theme of the extrusions market in Italy and Europe and a precise analysis of the state of the market updated at the date of the event will be tackled, defining the technological limits needed to direct the project towards the maximum production efficiency, limiting scrap and corrections.