SMEs at the heart of the European Union’s new industrial strategies, with the light metal in a leading role

For years, we have been claiming that small and medium-sized enterprises are, especially for the Old Continent, the battlefield for the future. It is therefore good news for us that the European Union has chosen to put at the heart of the new plan for sustainable, digitised industrial development, precisely SMEs, this differentiated multitude of businesses from which we are truly demanding so much: maintaining a high level of activity and creativity, with all the uncertainties of the entrepreneurial dimension; being competitive and facing the growing, tough and often unregulated international competition; being flexible and able to adapt to the sudden changes in the global scenario; participating on an equal level with large corporations in the fight against climate change and in the EU’s ambitious environmental policies for a zero-emission economy; bearing the brunt of the hefty costs of digitisation in order to remain a leader in the industry 4.0 context.

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