Emmebi, The Artist’s Touch

Evolution and novelties at Emmebi in generating technologies for aluminium profile finishing, packaging and handling

by Elena Mauro

There is a joke going round about Pablo Picasso. It is said that, having been approached by a woman who insistently begged him to make her portrait, the painter eventually gladdened her by outlining her likeness with a single pencil mark. The woman was enraptured: “It is absolutely perfect, you were able to grasp my whole essence with a single line, in a single moment. Appreciate it! How much do I owe you?” “It’s 5 million Francs, ma’am”. “What? – muttered the woman – How can you possibly expect so much money for this drawing that took only two minutes’ work?” His response was prompt: “You’re wrong, madame – concluded Picasso – It actually took two minutes and a lifetime”.
Well, the lightness of the anecdote seems to fittingly describe the professional impetus dominating at Emmebi, a firm which has attained international excellence in generating technologies for aluminium profile finishing, packaging and handling. Though its own are production “lines”, we are always talking about ones that are simple, able to perfectly “portray” companies’ functionality and requirements, by personalizing their functional and spatial “traits”. As happened to the Spanish artist, they too, however, are the outcome of constant evolution of a professional life which has enabled the company to raise production to the state of “art”. That is why everything you’re going to read in this article will seem as though the issue of “only two minutes’ work”, whereas, on the contrary, made-in-Italy technology and brains have characterized the firm’s history for over 50 years. Indeed, every machinery is the technological result of sophisticated Emmebi prototypes, conceived so that they fit in any production environment, through planning, production and installations, personalized for every single customer. Also, over-the-phone servicing and spare sample provision guarantee constant plant monitoring and our punctual intervention worldwide. Even what merely seems the occasional inspiration of latter years, is designed instead with evolution’s same brush strokes: structural, through a 3,000 sq. metre extension of our production department, and commercial, with a larger, strategic importance of the German, Australian and US markets, thanks to new, in-the-van installations at prestigious corporations such as Berlin-based AWB (basket warehouse and package warehouse), the Australian Capral (extrusion plant automation) and the Californian Sierra Aluminium (complete system for automating two extrusion presses).
Emmebi’s propensity for automation had already made a name for itself in 2016 by starting up the revolutionary “We Store” system, devised synergically with Omav, a leading firm in the field of industrial plant building. The solution launched on the market has enabled us to provide the entire supply of automated warehouses, inclusive not solely of product range completeness, but also of whole-production-process optimization, from extrusion presses to packaging, while perfecting both handling and operational logistics.
In line with the company’s evolutionary prospects, another novelty is given by Emmebi’s ability in automating a complete extrusion plant, with crane-bridges for basket transport, basket feeders, oven loading-unloading, basket unloaders, packaging and basket warehouse, matrixes, packages and profiles.
Is that all? Certainly not, since, as someone wrote, “it is not the strongest or the most intelligent to survive, but whoever manages to handle change at its very best”. It is there that Emmebi has set the precedent, in that it has unfailingly preserved its original, artisanal spirit, and always kept its family-company size, allowing it to achieve sensible growth by modulating its work load, without suffering from market-induced emotional stress. Therefore, be confident and approach Emmebi with no qualms. It will for certain be less surly than Maestro Picasso, as well as ready to offer decidedly more restrained prices!