Certified Training in Foundries With the New Editions of the HPDC School and LPDC School

Special editions of the HPDC School – Blended Edition Piedmont and LPDC School – Low Pressure Casting School broadened to include shell casting: higher training courses for foundry specialists resume with the spring sessions

by Greta Consoli

The third edition of the HPDC Die Casting School has just come to a close and on March 15th the fourth session has already begun, with an extraordinary location near Turin. A few days earlier, on March 6th, the second edition of the LPDC (Low Pressure Die Casting) School had begun; this year it is integrated with modules on gravity shell casting. The aim of this training program, strongly encouraged by CSMT Gestione Scarl and AQM Srl to support technological innovation by means of the constant development of know-how in the foundry sector, is therefore being pursued with success.
The third edition of the High Pressure Die Casting School which just came to an end was attended by 23 students coming from 14 companies in the industry. As with previous editions, the course led to the creation of three types of professionals: HPDC Technologist, that is, process industrialization technologist; HPDC Project Manager, that is, product industrialization technologist; and HPDC Production Manager.

HPDC School – Blended Edition Piedmont
To satisfy the requests of Piedmont’s foundries, the fourth edition of the die casting school has a special setting: HPDC School – Blended Edition Piedmont, held at Endurance Foa Spa, in Chivasso (Turin), sponsored by Endurance Group, Gilardoni, MCS Facchetti and supported by Brondolin, Karberg & Hennemann, Meccanica Pierre and OMS Presse.
The 402-hour course is subdivided into classroom lessons, theoretical lessons and practical demonstrations, 10% of these being held in blended learning mode (hybrid learning) and/or self-training methods. As in previous editions, the themes tackled will range from metallurgy to plants and machines, from the design of the production site to the conduction and control of the process, right up to the quality, safety and environment system.
Lessons are held from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00, mainly n Fridays and Saturdays (and occasionally on Thursdays if required by the calendar). Tuition is developed by professionals with a broad experience in the die casting sector, metallurgists and AQM specialists. Several lessons will be taken care of by experts from companies specializing in machining and production linked to the HPDC world.

LPDC School and gravity casting
On March 6th the LPDC School began its activity; this year it is also aimed at foundries specializing in gravity shell casting. Tuition was enriched with new models and more specialized training hours dedicated to the gravity shell casting process to train certified professionals.
The aim of the school, sponsored by GILARDONI and supported by LPM, is to supply trade operators with tools needed to foster the growth and increase the competitiveness of companies, by providing transversal knowledge on the product, on technology and on the management of human and economic resources.
Lessons will be held at the CSMT Gestione Scarl and/or AQM Srl headquarters from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 17.30, every week, preferably on Wednesdays and Thursdays or on Fridays and Saturdays. ❚

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